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melon hands

                                              ABOUT THE AUTHOR

HI! My name is Judith Horkheimer Eckert. I have always been fascinated with the wonders of Nature. Because I am an artist and educator and a Mother and a Grandmother, I realized that these secrets and stories belonged to the world.


                                                       Who Knew?

We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for us, but until now, only a few people knew how to decode their hidden secrets. You need travel no farther than your kitchen.   There you will find all the basic materials required for the experiments and activities in the FRESH DISCOVERIES SERIES.  Ideal for home schooling and all enrichment programs, the projects are easy to set up and clean up. FRESH DISCOVERIES learning experiences are designed to build a foundation on which a child’s future performance, health and attitudes can. As stated in the following endorsements the materials are educationally sound, challenging and imaginative.