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Think about it. Long before we had the World Wide Web, cantaloupes had their own web — sculpted on their skins. And this web can be used for games and activities that test problem-solving skills and artistic imaginations. Even more amazing is the fact that at the Cantaloupe’s center is an arrangement of fibers and seeds with a message. Life, itself, has no doubt put its signature upon this message for the well being of generations yet to come. The melon offers an invitation to see the world from a FRESH perspective. Remember that you can begin “telling” a cantaloupe by its cover. But, you really have to get an inside look!

Mild and tame by today’s standards, the buzz on celery is that it has a history of living wild!  And the word of those in the know is that anyone can uncover the more cultured side of celery’s past. Clues to the starring role this humble vegetable once played in the lives of the rich and famous are encoded in its physical lines and patterns.   From topping the list of favorite plants of King Cyrus of Persia to topping the heads of winning runners in ancient Greek games, celery was honored, celebrated, and, yes, often eaten.




Match Game

Every fruit and vegetable has a secret pattern that helps tell its story. Look at the pictures in the column on the left and see if you can find a picture in the column on the right that looks like a match.