What Experts Have To Say

“ The materials are not only colorful and engaging, but integrate disciplines from science and social studies to the creative arts. The hands-on activities effectively supplement core STEM approaches and enhance creativity and imagination, giving young people a fresh perspective on fruits and vegetables and the wonders of the ordinary.

— DR. RICHARD FELDER, Co-Director National Effective Teaching Institute

“The content is scientifically correct and presented beautifully as well as in a fresh way. I particularly like the onion and the celery chapters. These materials actually contain information I was not aware of. Congratulations! I heartily endorse the work.”

— Dr. Charles A. Eckert, Winner of the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award

“Your manuscript for FRESH DISCOVERIES offers a perspective that opens vistas extending well beyond superficial descriptions. The material is more than educational. It is an invitation to go beyond looking to seeing and beyond comprehension to celebration.”

— Frederick Franck, Author The Zen of Seeing, My Eye Is In Love, The Awakened Eye